Monday, 23 April 2012

In the beginning....

Well, thought it was maybe time to do a blog!

So a few things about Oakapple & Rose;

It's basically me (Ellie) and my Mum (Barbara) - who was until the purchase of an ipad last month, a Ludite.

I'd been selling some of my handmade things on ebay and getting in a few custom orders, so Mum asked if I'd sell some of her watercolours for her.

Wanted to think of a name that linked us together and as 'Barbie' seemed to be taken already (ahem) I hit on the names of our respective streets. Strictly speaking, Mum's street is 'oakwell' rather than 'oakapple' but a rose in a well would not have made a good logo.................

The O&R logo has been drawn by my husband, who has been a cartoonist in the past!

I'm actually rather fond of it.

Some of the first things I sold were my children's party bags, I used to make ones in different coloured fabrics until a customer asked me if I could personalise them, which I did. She placed an order for about 50, but was very patient at the time it took me to make them (thank you Roa).

Since then I am much more organised at making larger orders!

Part of a custom order for a lady who wanted various drawstring bags for her childminder.