Sunday 22 July 2012

Date & Walnut Loaf

Need cake - out comes the Be-ro cookbook, never lets me down.....
Made this a bit bigger so you can see the recipe

I set my oven at 160 degrees centigrade and it was fine.


All mixed and ready for the oven
I don't think baking parchment was in vogue when this book was written, but I find it essential for stress free cake removal!

Ready for the taste test.....

It didn't last very long!

Sunday 13 May 2012

Robin Hood's Bay Craft Fair - May

Today I've been mostly doing a craft fair! There's a really lovely one in Robin Hood's Bay, North Yorkshire on the 2nd sunday of every month (contact me if you would like info).

I loaded up Doris the Citroen and set off via the Whitby car boot sale where I purchased a rather fabulous clothes horse for displaying my quilts.

Got to the hall in plenty of time and started to set up

A few familiar faces were there!

This is Stewart - he makes some splendid stained glass.

I also met up with Deborah from , who also plays in the Scarborough Symphony Orchestra, as I do!

There were some new faces too - like the lady who was spinning wool that had come from her alpacas- I know she's not there at the moment I took this photo - but we all need a cuppa every now and then!

Beautiful soft alpaca wool - wish I could knit!
I love these toadstools carved from old logs! My aunty has one in her garden which I bought at a pre-christmas fair.

Here's some of Stewart's stained glass
I had my eye on these lovely pendants on the stall next to me.
By mid-afternoon the fair was in full swing and I was hoping that Pauline would come round with some of the tasty looking cakes I'd seen in the cafe - sure enough we were rewarded with generous slices of homemade chocolate cake and a mug of steaming tea thanks to Jane!
Plenty for the little ones!
Personalised bunting from Oakapple & Rose

After a really enjoyable day, I called the chauffer to take me home

If you'd like more info on the Robin Hood's Bay craft fairs, please email me and I'll do my best to help, or pass your details onto the organisers.

Monday 23 April 2012

In the beginning....

Well, thought it was maybe time to do a blog!

So a few things about Oakapple & Rose;

It's basically me (Ellie) and my Mum (Barbara) - who was until the purchase of an ipad last month, a Ludite.

I'd been selling some of my handmade things on ebay and getting in a few custom orders, so Mum asked if I'd sell some of her watercolours for her.

Wanted to think of a name that linked us together and as 'Barbie' seemed to be taken already (ahem) I hit on the names of our respective streets. Strictly speaking, Mum's street is 'oakwell' rather than 'oakapple' but a rose in a well would not have made a good logo.................

The O&R logo has been drawn by my husband, who has been a cartoonist in the past!

I'm actually rather fond of it.

Some of the first things I sold were my children's party bags, I used to make ones in different coloured fabrics until a customer asked me if I could personalise them, which I did. She placed an order for about 50, but was very patient at the time it took me to make them (thank you Roa).

Since then I am much more organised at making larger orders!

Part of a custom order for a lady who wanted various drawstring bags for her childminder.